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 Two-Year Program

1st Quarter - Jan. 9th (week of) - May 27th (week of) 2006
2nd Quarter - Aug. 14th (week of) - Dec. 16th (week of) 2006
3rd Quarter - Jan. 8th (week of) - May 26th (week of) 2007
4th Quarter - Aug. 13th (week of) - Dec. 15th (week of) 2007

I. Large Group (13 Courses taught over 19 months) = (11 courses x 20 hrs = 220 hrs) +  (2 courses x 30 hrs = 60 hrs) = 280 hrs/19 months = average of 14.74 hrs per month) (see large group interaction for topics of large group meetings)

A. Description and Purpose

1. Grow in Loving the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength;

2. These are co-ed non-lecture formats;

3. Students will receive typed course notes before or during large group meetings;

4. The purpose of each course is to identify truth in its context and discuss possible means of personal and ministry application;

5. Students will work together, interacting in non-competitive learning communities.

B. Attendance and Participation

1. Full attendance and participation in all thirteen courses is anticipated;

2. Each course will meet two weekends. This will involve three hours on a Friday night and seven hours on the following Saturday, resulting in twenty hours of interaction;

a. There will be two exceptions ([Libronix Software, Bible Study and Teaching] and [Personal Holiness]) where three weekends will be required resulting in a total of thirty hours of interaction per course;

3. No grades will be issued; instead each student will write one learning contract (per large course) integrating the large group instructor’s primary course purposes with the student’s character, call and gifts.  The student’s small group facilitator must approve these learning contracts.


II. Small Group (3 hrs every other week = 126 hrs) (126 hrs/19 months = an average of 6.63 hrs per month)

A. Description and Purpose

1. These are gender specific small groups;

2. Students will work together, interacting in non-competitive learning communities;

3. The purposes of these small groups are as follows:

a. Grow in Loving the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength;

b. Develop a Biblical worldview;

c. Learn from each other utilizing one another’s spiritual gifts;

d. Be a resource to each student in carrying out large group and small group learning contracts;

e. Submit to small group accountability in a grace filled loving environment;

f. Integrate large group content with your spiritual gifts, call of God and further development of godly character.

B. Attendance and Participation

1. Full attendance and participation in all small group meetings is anticipated;

2. Each student will meet with their small group facilitator, and other small group colleagues, at a minimum of three hours every other week in various settings;

3. Small group meetings will occasionally involve students’ spouses and families meeting together for food, community and worship.


III. Mentoring (2 hrs every other week = 84 hrs) + (8 Counseling sessions = 8 hrs) = A Total of 92 hrs/19 months = an average of 4.84 hrs per month)

A. Description and Purpose

1. Foster intimacy with Christ and personal holiness;

2. Openly and honestly deal with sin regarding all aspects of your life (i.e. personal, marriage, family, ministry and vocation);

3. Meet with a CLI Christian Counselor for a minimum of eight times over 19 months of training;

4. Mentor and CLI Counselor(s) will work together to assist each student in godliness.

B. Attendance and Participation

1. Each student will meet with their small group facilitator (or other designated mentor) for a minimum of two hours during the week that the small groups don’t meet;

2. Students, in agreement with their mentor(s), will work on various assignments regarding the description and purpose of the mentoring portion of this training;

3. Mentor meetings may involve students meeting with their spouse and mentor(s).


IV. Apprenticeship (Second Year Only)

A. Description and Purpose

1. Each student will be assigned to a Pulpit Rock Church (Colorado Springs, CO) staff member to receive supervised, practical experience in a local church context related to the student’s maturity, gifts and calling;

a. These experiences will include the planning and implementation of specific ministries at Pulpit Rock Church.

B. Attendance and Participation - Student’s are expected to participate in various ministry situations, at Pulpit Rock Church, without receiving any compensation.


V. Cross-Cultural Trip (Within last six months of training)

A. Description and Purpose

1. Study the Bible from Genesis to Revelation identifying ministry principles;

a. Once this study is completed the student will participate in a ten- to-twelve day training trip (with his/her small group and facilitator) to an international site or major city within the U.S.;

1) This trip will provide numerous opportunities to contextualize each student’s ministry principles in a cross-cultural setting;

2. Students will work within their small group community identifying and clarifying potential problems and suggested solutions with the intent to be a meaningful resource to that cross-cultural ministry.

B. Attendance and Participation - Cross-cultural trip expenses are the sole responsibility of each participant.


VI. Hour Commitment Per Month (Does not include work done at home)

A. First and Second Year (Average hours per month)

1. Large Group………..     14.74 (on weekend);

2. Small Group………..     6.63;

3. Mentoring…………..     4.84;

Total…………………...         26.21 per month (26.21/4 wks = 6.55 hrs per week).

B. Second Year (in addition to above)

1. Apprenticeship………     To be determined by pastoral staff;

2. Cross-Cultural Trip….     10-12 Days.

C. NOTE: Our training schedule will be modified during the months of November and December.


VII. Tuition

A. Four Year Accredited Degree (Typically traditional seminary includes a minimum of seven semesters of lecture and note taking and one semester of field experience).

1. Denver Seminary (MDiv) - $35,000

a. Program Purpose - The Master of Divinity degree program is designed primarily to prepare students for church ministries requiring ordination. The MDiv program also prepares students for doctoral-level studies in theological schools. As the standard ministerial degree program, its scope is sufficiently broad to equip students for varied church or mission vocations. The heart of the program is the core curriculum of required courses, selected in response to the demands of the work of ministry.

2. Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M) - $40,000

a. Program Purpose - The Master of Theology degree program is designed to produce competent Bible expositors who are qualified to serve God effectively as pastors, missionaries, or leaders in other areas of vocational Christian ministry.

3. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M.Div) - $48,000

a. Program Purpose - The Master of Divinity is the professional  degree that provides comprehensive graduate  education drawing on the various theological and  practical disciplines taught at Trinity. The MDiv is the ideal program for those whose goals are oriented toward professional ministry or who intend to pursue an academic career in biblical and theological disciplines.

Note: Prices do not include books (average per year - $300 - $400).

B. Two-Year Certificate in Leader Development from Christian Leadership Institute and Denver Seminary (Includes large groups, small groups, mentoring, counseling and apprenticeship) - $14,800.

1. Program Purpose - To develop Christian leaders who have a strong love for God, a growing godly character, and a high level of biblical and ministry competence;

2. Tuition does not include required lap top computer, Bible software ($400-$600), books (average per year - $180 - $200) and Cross-Cultural trip (travel, housing and food).

3. Upon graduation

 a. Each graduate will receive a DVD explaining, to potential employers, the type of training each graduate received;

b. The following are the types of positions a CLI graduate could fill depending upon his/her maturity, gifts and calling;

1) Pulpit Rock Church - New or existing ministry, Church plant, Elder;

2) Mission - Local, Short or Long term;

3) Other Works - Local church or Parachurch.


VIII. Payment Options: Completed and Signed Application Due in CLI Office By December 12th 2005.

A. Payment Plan # 1 - Full payment due by December 30th 2005 = 5% Discount ($14,800 - $740 = $14,060 paid. 

B. Payment Plan # 2 

1. $4,000 due by December 30th 2005;

2. $1,800 due April 24th 2006;

3. $1,800 due July 24th 2006;

4. $1,800 due October 24th 2006;

5. $1,800 due January 24th 2007;

6. $1,800 due April 24th 2007;

7. Final payment of $1,800 due July 24th 2007 (Total amount paid = $14,800).

C. Payment Plan # 3

1. $4,000 due by December 30th 2005;

2. Beginning March 1st 2006 - Twenty monthly payments of $540.00 with the final payment made on November 1st 2007 (Total amount paid = $14,800.)

D. Raising Your Tuition

1. Students can raise money from friends and family members to pay for their tuition.  For example:

a. A friend or family member writes a check to CLI for your tuition (whole or part) and receives a tax-deductible receipt for full amount.  Note: Under no circumstances will a student receive a tax-deductible receipt for their tuition payments.

2. In the future, CLI and/or PRC may have partial scholarships available.

E. Refund Policy

1. Down Payment is not refundable;

2. No refunds for books and Bible software;

3. Tuition will not be refunded for meetings already attended;

4. Tuition will not be refunded if the student cannot attend certain sessions due to schedule conflict or sickness;

5. In addition to the above, refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending upon the reason a student is dropping out of the program.


Large Group Interaction

 (Each of these courses will involve two weekends [*except Libronix Software and Personal Holiness, which will be three weekends].  A weekend will consist of 3 hrs on Friday night and 7 hrs on Saturday).

A. Biblical Core

1. Libronix Software, Bible Study and Teaching*

2. God’s Love and Redemptive Plan in the OT

3. God’s Love and Redemptive Plan in the NT

4. The Study of God

5. Learning From The Saints of Old

6. A Godly Response to the World, the Flesh and the Devil

B. Leadership Core

1. Personal Holiness*

2. The Servant Shepherd Model of Leadership

3. Skills In Helping Others Through the Difficulties and Challenges of Life

4. Critical Thinking Skills and The Art of Asking Questions

5. Exercising Godly Authority and Leading Through Change and Conflict

6. A Lifestyle of Sharing God’s Love

7. Principles For Developing Servant Leaders


Christian Leadership Institute
1439 N. Foote Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Michael F. Sabo, President