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CLI Story

Our Concern

What an electrifying season we live in today!  The tensions and struggles of personal, national and international life increase yet our Lord’s promise remains (I will never leave you or forsake you). Often God’s classroom of life requires us to trust His sovereign hand even when mystery and confusion increase.  The need is escalating for people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to see Jesus Christ as the only solution for mankind’s dilemmas.  Yet, problems increase among those in leadership of Christ’s church, both nationally and internationally.  Repeatedly, we are saddened by reports of immorality, character flaws, and incompetence among pastors, priests, and missionaries.  The world lacks not only additional workers in God’s Kingdom, but also laborers who are Biblically qualified for leadership.

Our Excitement

We at CLI are excited about the innovative vision the Lord has given us to offer a very creative way to train future leaders for His kingdom.  Our president, Michael F. Sabo’s experiences teaching at Grace Seminary, Trinity International University and Denver Seminary have been used of the Lord to highlight pioneering ways to enhance the quality, relevancy and practicality of developing Christian Leaders.

Our Suggestions

We are thrilled to present the following suggestions as a paradigm for holistic training to facilitate a safe learning community of high trust and integrity.

  1. Focus on Loving God

  2. Train the Whole Person

  3. Use Time Efficiently

  4. Develop Spiritual Gifts

  5. Use Various Teaching Methods

  6. Develop Competencies

  7. Avoid Financial Debt

  8. Facilitate Family Interaction

  9. Focus on Spiritual Character Transformation

  10. Apply Scripture to Everyday Life

Our Curriculum

Please return to our Home Site and click on the Traditional Seminary Needs To Change button for a detailed explanation of how these ten suggestions have been incorporated into our curriculum.

Christian Leadership Institute
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Michael F. Sabo, President