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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Christian Leadership Institute’s website. To save you time and to help you find what you are really interested in allow me to give you a brief overview of your options:

  1. Visiting the CLI Story displays our concern, excitement and our outline to an alternative to traditional seminary training. 

  2. Our Mission Statement points to the purpose of CLI as an Evangelical nonprofit organization.

  3. Doctrinal Statement discloses our statement of Faith reflecting an historic evangelical perspective.

  4. By taking a glimpse at Traditional Seminary Needs to Change you will discover a solid Biblical basis for our nontraditional curriculum.

  5. Clicking on the Profile of a CLI Graduate reveals the qualities we want to see in our graduates as a result of their CLI education

  6. To find out how to advance the training of leaders for God’s kingdom visit our Investing in Christian Leaders section.

  7. To become familiar with the leadership standing behind our pioneering influence refer to Board of Trustees.

  8. To learn more about our President or how to contact him click on CLI President.

Once again, welcome to our site and if you wish to speak to me directly please feel free to contact me.

In His Presence,

Michael Frank Sabo, Ph.D.
CLI President

Christian Leadership Institute
1439 N. Foote Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Michael F. Sabo, President